Luxury Vehicle

Trained to Tow Luxury Vehicles

High-end vehicle tows are our specialty. We hear horror stories of individuals who went from stranded on the side of the road to totaled cars due to improper tows. We can tow every type of car from a ’74 Bronco to a Ferrari but the difference is that we understand the proper connecting points, weak spots and ground clearances for even the most exotic and complex cars.

Expertise with High-End Vehicles

Our expertise gives clients the peace of mind knowing that their Porsche or Mercedes Benz is going to arrive to its destination in the same condition as when it was picked up. Trust your investment with experts that can handle your car with the care that it deserves.

Keep Your Car Show Worthy

Whether you are towing to keep your car clean and pristine for the car show or simply because it needs a lift, our experts will help your vehicle get to where it needs to be while keeping it protected and secure. Contact our team to learn more about our different high-end vehicle tows and why we claim to be Utah County’s tow experts.