Jump Start Service

Fast Service

Whether you are late to that important meeting or family event, or you are stuck in that parking lot and just want to get home, nothing is worse than coming out to a car that won’t start and no one to call. We’ve all been there, and at Matt’s Towing, we understand how frustrating and stressful it can be that feeling can be. Because we care, when we get your call, one of our friendly staff will get out there to rescue you as fast as we can. We pride ourselves on fast service and realistic expectations for timing for our customers so that we arrive, we can leave you hopefully feeling a little better than we found you.

Affordable Pricing

Many towing companies also charge exorbitant rates for such a small job as a quick jump of the battery. But not here at Matt’s. We believe in affordable pricing for our customers because we treat our customers like neighbors and friends. We know these types of situations are never fun, and we want to be a helpful friend to get you out of a bind, not someone out there to make a quick buck. We charge for our service to cover our costs and time, but we are here to be a help to you, not an additional burden


Diagnostics and Towing

Many times, when a car won’t start there is likely something going on with the battery. Sometimes there could be something faulty with the battery or cables, or other times the battery may simply have been drained due to lights left on, weather or other issues. No matter the reason, most often a simply jump start boost and a little driving is all you need to get going again. However, if the jump start doesn’t get you going again, don’t worry. Our friendly tow truck can take you to any mechanic of your choice for further diagnostics. And if you don’t have a recommended mechanic, we have relationships with very reputable mechanics in Utah Valley that would be happy to assist you