Flat Tire Change

Just a Phone Call Away

The only thing worse than a flat tire, is a flat tire in the middle of nowhere or without the tools to fix it. If you are caught in this bind, please know that Matt’s Towing is just one quick call away. We and our friends have been there, and so we want to get you out of that mess as soon as possible. Whether you are stranded without a spare, or you have a spare tire and just need some help, we can get there in a jiffy with all the tools you need to help change or repair your tire and get you going again.

Emergency Towing

Some tire repairs are not always able to be fixed on the side of the road. I if this is the case, we want to get you to a location where we can fix the problem as soon as we can. Our towing services are top notch and our drivers are experienced with all different makes and models of cars and how to treat them right. We will tow your car to the nearest location of your choice and will make sure that you get somewhere where we ourselves or a trusted tire service center can help you get your tire fixed or replaced as quickly as possible.

Stay Safe

When it comes to towing, aside from helping you out, our highest priority is safety. We want to make sure that both you as our customer and our technicians are safe out there on the roads. We make sure to complete all tire repairs safely and away from any danger and make sure our customers understand proper safety during tire repairs or any car trouble as well. And if it is a job we cannot complete where you are, we will offer to tow your vehicle to the nearest location where we can make sure the problem gets fixed at a reasonable time and rate. We want to make sure that as our top priority, everyone is safe, and that you get safely back on the road to your ultimate destination.

Flat Tire Change in Utah Valley

We love helping out our friends and neighbors in Utah Valley and the surrounding areas. But no matter where you are, or what time of day, if you are in a pinch and need some help with a flat tire, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We would love to help you!